Assumption School of Nursing
Sulthan Bathery Wayanad

Recognized by Indian Nursing council, Order no 18-16/2426 & Kerala Nursing & Midwives council,
order no G.9948/NC/2000, G.2543/04/NC /2010.

assumption school of nursing

Assumption School of nursing is run by the Sisters of Sacred Heart Congregation. The congregation is shaped by the infinite providence of God , to experience by its members , the compassionate love of God, and share its with needy. The Nursing School is highly reputed Institution. Since its inception in 2001, it has trained many nurses with high degree of performance with good character, sense of discipline, communicative skills and human approach to nursing service.

Assumption Hospital is a catholic, voluntary & charitable institution. Its objectives are to serve the sick, suffering & to restore them to complete physical, mental & spiritual health . It is 100 bedded with all specialty service, but had humble beginning of 20 bed hospital in the year 1968 to render the health service to the people in and around Wayanad District.

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our Philosophy

The human being is created in the image of almighty God and the highest being in the creation , is unique , has intrinsic value and is worthy of respect. His ultimate happiness is in the possession of God his creator. Man has physical, psychological, spiritual and social needs. The meetings of these needs results in a healthy & integrated person.

We believe in providing a highly stimulating, rewarding and enriching curriculum so that every student will find a certain degree of joy in learning.
We believe in preparing the students not only in professional skills but also in providing congenial, friendly, reassuring and conducive learning atmosphere so as to enable the individual” to live, to love, to learn and to imbibe a legacy”.

We believe that the education shall prepare the individual to provide preventive, promotive curative and rehabilitative aspects of health care, more especially His compassionate love for the poor, the lonely, the lost and those in need of healthcare enable them to apply this knowledge in their personal and professional life.

We believe in inculcate a sense of concern, positive attitude and character will uphold the dignity of the person with humanness and compassion for patients treated with dignity and respect.

“Education for heal and comfort’’

Objectives and
Educational Programme